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September 28th and 29th, 2019 

9:00 to 5:00 pm 
Meredith College 
Raleigh, NC 

Course Summary:

This 2-day workshop will help interpreters improve all aspects of consecutive interpretation. 
We will focus on and improve the fundamentals of active listening, note taking, retention, recall and rendition. 
This course is open to interpreters from all fields and of all skill levels. 
We will work on the skills needed to provide accurate consecutive for conference, court, community and medical interpretation. 

For additional information email:  Call (252) 329-1121 or send an email to:  Javier@castillols.com 

Mr. Javier Castillo, Jr., founder of Castillo Language Services, Inc. is a conference interpreter, a federally certified
court interpreter, state court certified court interpreter, CCHI certified medical interpreter and has extensive experience working across many fields. Mr. Castillo has taught interpreter training workshops since 2007 and has been a speaker at various state, national and international conferences. Mr. Castillo is a member of the ATA, NAJIT, IAPTI and is President of  the Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters.


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This is the type of seminar you want to attend if you want to grow in this profession. The material clearly comes from experience in the field.The material is highly practical for everyday use. The practice was very difficult, but through the struggle, everyone became more adept with the skills being taught. The professionals that attended were all at different stages and you could see everyone gained something valuable from the experience. As an advanced workshop, the practice and feedback were exactly what I needed to improve upon my craft. - Daniel V.  

To say that Mr. Castillo is very knowledgeable is an understatement.  His expertise on translation and interpretation is remarkable, and his teaching methods are very effective.  Mr. Castillo is very passionate and inspiring.  Even though I am a native speaker, my interpreting and translation skills have greatly improved because of Mr. Castillo's training programs. -Tonantzin Maldonado,  Hatch Law Firm

“Training received through Castillo Language Services was an eye-opening experience. The training was challenging; just the push I needed to get inspired to sharpen my skills. Javier provided relevant course materials and incorporated excellent hands-on activities. All the great tips and advice on self-improvement was a bonus!”  - Malina S. Rodriguez Foreign Language Interpreter II Social Services

 “Javier Castillo is a professional instructor of English/Spanish interpretation. He communicates well, and uses real-life examples from his court room interpreting experience to teach his students. I highly recommend anyone interested in furthering their simultaneous interpreting abilities to take Mr. Castillo’s classes.”  - Jackie Metivier, President Bilingual Communications, Inc.



Training Workshops

While it would be convenient to learn the intricacies of translation and interpretation in one class and have all the knowledge you need to carry you through a lifetime of professional interpreting, this is not the case with the team at Castillo Language Services and should not be the standard for your firm or practice.   Language, and thus, communication, is a constantly changing medium, requiring you to continuously hone and develop your skills, whether you have a career in interpreting or one that requires you to interact with non-English speaking patients/clients on a regular basis. We offer a variety of workshops and seminars tailored to interpreters working towards certification, experienced interpreters seeking to further develop their language skills, and also our clients who are looking to develop the culture and/or language skills of their staff.

See our list of workshops, courses and seminars below to find one that fits your needs.  If you don’t see what you are looking for now, check back in a few days or contact one of our representatives-we frequently develop new workshops and courses and would be happy to develop something with your needs in mind. We are also available to speak at seminars and events, just ask!



Challenging the State's Out-of-Court Interpreters

Defending non-English Speaking Clients

Working with Interpreters in a Multicultural Classroom


Marketing to Latinos: Culture and Language Issues- We combine our knowledge of Hispanic culture and customs with our knowledge of linguistics to shed light on marketing to this unique audience.


Working with Hispanic Patients- From understanding cultural tendencies, to developing skills to more effectively communicate across language barriers, this course well help you and your staff provide the best care to your Hispanic patients.

Language Professionals

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